My Story.

I am a freelance artist and art educator living and working in Warwickshire. I have always been passionate by the experience of creating art,  by interpreting the visual world with intuitive, gestural mark-making and exploring visual and my emotional responses to time and space.

My work is the accumulation of: feelings, memories, landscape, subconscious and conscious thoughts that form into colours, lines and shapes that I interact with on canvas. My work is primarily driven by the way I experience the world visually, through the mental notes I have taken as I go about my day to day.  

Art is my passion and so for many years I helped to nurture the creative minds of the young through teaching. I graduated with a Batchelor in Arts  in 2001 and had my own studio in Edinburgh from 2001-2005 before completing a PGCE and becoming a Secondary Art Teacher. I was Head of Department for many years in schools within Coventry and Warwickshire before deciding I needed a change.

I am originally from Scotland and grew up in a beautiful area by the sea. My childhood spent by the coast, memories of beach walks, foraging in rock pools and countless holidays in the wilds of the highlands inspire my creative process.

My other inspirations are drawn from the landscapes and around Warwickshire. My work doesn’t always depict a particular place or time, rather, I collect moments and experiences, pieces of sky and landscape, emotions and feelings relating to each… I store them inside until they re-surface during my sketching or painting process.

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