Landmass of Light, 20 x 20″


Acrylic, pastel and oil bar on natural box canvas

After an incredibly inspiring visit to the Jurassic coast of North Somerset back in April I soon found myself immersed in creating a mini series of 6 paintings entitled ‘Cretaceous Coasts’.

The geological history of that area has always fascinated me; the many millions of years where the coastal erosion has left exposed almost a continuous sequence of rock formations, fossils and the many creatures which have been permanently trapped into the land and preserved by the rocks and soil.

I wanted to encapsulate the area visually through my work; the use of a natural and organic colour palette, layers and textures and also through my emotional response to time and space whilst taking in the surrounding.

Comes ready to hang, with a bespoke solid Oak floating frame. Other frames available.
Original painting, signed and sealed.
Shipping will be invoiced after depending on location. Local delivery or pick up available.


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